Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Annaprashan..

Mumma says I can soon have all kinds of food that they have. I want to try everything on Papa's plate, but he doesn't let me.. But after 8th August, I can have .. hehe..

Daddy made this invitation card for me.. Everyone thinks he wrote the poem but actually I only told him what to write.. ;)..

Please pray for me and I need all your blessings..


  1. You are one of the cutest baby doll.God Bless Kuhu..:-0

  2. Dear Kuhu,I am your Uncle Sushil Kaku,when you grow up I will meet you.Your experiences are very chaste and interesting and i would love to hear more of you in the coming days.Lets be pen friends and i shall also write to you about my experiences in USA.Blessings Sushil uncle and Priti Aunty.

  3. Thank you Sushil Uncle.. please write to me here.. wld love to communicate with u.. :))